Forwarding of blocked sender email
Question asked by Gary Clueit - 10/26/2020 at 8:23 AM
Is there a way to prevent email originating from blocked senders being forwarded?  We have an application that was receiving a lot of spam.  We set the application up to monitor a second email address that only received filtered email (from the "public" address).  However, the app keeps getting emails from senders that are blocked by the public address (they show up in the spam folder on the public email).  Is forwarding done before checking if the source is blocked?

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Employee Replied
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As a system admin, click on the domain in question and under the Configuration tab, what are your settings in the Email section?

Gary Clueit Replied
I have these set.  The issue is that the content of the blocked user emails are not seen as spam.  They are simply email addresses that we do not wish to be forwarded go show up in anyone's inbox.
Douglas Foster Replied
Perhaps you have found a bug, which is best handled with a support ticket.

However, there are many advantages to use an incoming gateway in front of your primary mail server, and an outbound gateway to handle mail leaving your mail server for the Internet.  If you move your filtering into the inbound gateway, the messages are certain to be blocked without ever reaching the forwarding rules on your mail server.

SmarterMail is kind enough to provide free licensing to use their product for either or both of these purposes.   For the filtering function, I prefer Declude (from MailsBestFriend.com), which is also currently free or (with a recommended support agreement, nearly free).   Declude runs as a plug-in to SmarterMail, and has functionality that can be used on the inbound gateway, the mail server, and the outbound gateway.   I am currently using only the Inbound filtering role.

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