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Question asked by John Yaglenski - 10/22/2020 at 6:49 AM
Hi Community:

I have been running SmarterMail for as long as I can remember on my own server.  Problem is my server is OLD and today web services began crashing with hourly frequency.

It's time to retire from the web game for me.  I just don't want to worry about running a server anymore.

Anyway, I have about 4-5 domains I run mail for and use.  Most have 5 or less accounts on them and a handful of aliases.  I'll be compiling the exact amounts shortly.  I may even be able to pair that down to 3.

Because I've used SM so long, I and my friends/family who I have on the server are very comfortable with it - so I'm looking to see if someone in the community does hosting and would be willing to take me on as a client.  Otherwise, I'll have to look into domain mail with Outlook or Google.

As the mail server is a bit flaky - I can be reached today at levelbest at outlook dot com - or if you respond here I can try to connect that way.  

The situation is pretty grave - so I'm looking to move as soon as humanly possible so my wife and I don't have to go a few days without email.  

Thanks in advance,

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Barbara Renowden Replied

I just sent you a PM.  

Barbara Renowden President / Co-Founder Centric Web, Inc. https://www.centricweb.com

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