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Problem reported by hraud - 10/14/2020 at 9:59 AM
I am using English and French (Canada) for my Knowledge Base articles.  However, when "French (Canada)" is selected as the language in the Knowledge Base, there are parts of the page outside of my control that are still in English.

In particular, the Search bar says "Enter Search Criteria...".  (Note that if "French" is selected as the language, then it is NOT in English.)

Also, the text beside each article is in English.  (Again, if "French" is selected as the language, then it is NOT in English.) 

Another question I have is whether it is possible to have a direct link URL to the Knowledge Base that already has "French (Canada)" selected as the language.  I would like people who click on our "SUPPORT" link to go to the "English" Knowledge Base, and people who are using our French-language website and click on "SOUTIEN" to go to the "French (Canada)" Knowledge Base instead of them complaining to me and then me having to tell them to change the language from "English" to "French (Canada)" in the dropdown.

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hraud Replied
Our French translator has requested that the following bugs be fixed in the French (Canada) localization:

1) For the menu which appears on the right-hand side of every article in the French (Canada) knowledge base, translate “Was this article helpful?” to “Est-ce que cet article a été utile?” and “Share this article” to “Partagez cet article”. These statements are currently in English for all French (Canada) knowledge base articles.

2) Please correct “Base de Connaissance” to “Base de connaissances” (French does not use capital letters throughout a title, and it should be plural not singular).

3) In the search bar under “Base de Connaissance”, the placeholder text says "Enter Search Criteria..." in English. This should be translated into French "Saisissez vos critères de recherche ...".

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