Known Issue with Windows Mail and Calendar -- Exchange and SmarterMail
Announcement by Derek Curtis - 10/13/2020 at 8:38 PM
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We discovered an issue with the latest version of Windows Mail and Calendar: 16005.13228.41011.0

Whether connecting to a Microsoft Exchange account or a SmarterMail account using EAS, it's not possible to create calendar appointments or events.

Everything else works just fine: it's just new calendar appointments that are a problem. Previous versions of Windows Mail (e.g., 16005.13228.41006.0) appear to work just fine.

If you're unsure what version of Windows Mail you're using, simply open it and click on the gears icon at the bottom of the navigation menu;

Then, click on About:

At the top of the About section, you'll see your version:

We are keeping an eye on this issue and will let you know when we've confirmed it's been resolved by Microsoft.
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.

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We are also struggling with the all-day event calendar issue.  All-day events created shift one day early and in some cases the calendar date within the event shifts as well.  This all-day event was created for 10/20.  Once saved it is placed onto my calendar on 10/19 and thestart day within the appointment also changes to 10/19 
Hello Ben,

Do you use latest public build 7593 ? This and some other calendar issues should be fixed in this build.

Kind regards.
Sébastien Riccio System & Network Admin https://swisscenter.com
Yes Sébastien, we are using 7593. Appointments timezones are working again. However, when we click the "all day" checkbox when making an appointment, those jump back one day.
We had previously reported that appointments were being moved 1-2 hours from their normal date, but after the update to build 7593 the same issue occurs. We did not try all day appointments.
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Ben, there are a few more calendar fixes that should be in the next release. One particular known issue is when the user account is in a time zone behind the server time zone.  For example, if the server is set to Eastern (UTC+5) and the user account is set to Central (UTC+6), then we have observed that the appointment will show the day behind.
When you fix this issue?
Thank you so much for the platform. Kindly explain more when you will solve this issue? I am eagerly waiting for that moment.
Me too!
Yes, I also have the same situation
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Any update?
When you will fix this issue?
We've been waiting for the update from Microsoft. According to Derek, this is a Microsoft issue. In his statement, it says "We are keeping an eye on this issue and will let you know when we've confirmed it's been resolved by Microsoft."

We're actively watching the Microsoft updates for the fix.
Derek Curtis Replied
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FYI, I did just test this on Version 16005.13426.20566.0 and it does appear that creating appointments works again! IF anyone sees different, please let us know!
Derek Curtis COO SmarterTools Inc. www.smartertools.com
Too I have tested in Version 16005.13426.20566.0 (Windows 10 Mail) but in SmarterMail webmail is not working.


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