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Question asked by Steffan Nicholson - 9/28/2020 at 10:26 AM
Is there a way for a domain administrator to set up the profile of a new user (or update the profile of an existing user) without having to login as the user?

When seat holders change it is a real pain to update a whole bunch of records and yet the users cannot be counted on to complete the task so variable based signatures become unreliable.

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You can use API and create a script that do that
Gabriele Maoret - Head of SysAdmins at SERSIS
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Robert Hirabayashi Replied
I am also interested in doing this. It is time consuming to manually add and update the user profile information and I am looking for solutions.

I have browsed through the API documentation but I do not see anything relating to getting/updating user profile information. 

If there is a way to use the API or Active Directory to update this, I would be interested to know more about it.
Tony Scholz Replied
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Hello Robert, 

SmarterMail is API driven, Anything that can be done in the web interface can be done from the API. 

In this case, if you are making changes to a users settings you will need to Auth as a system admin and impersonate the account ( Through API ) then make your changes. Here are the user settings calls that you will be using

You can see some examples here ( https://portal.smartertools.com/community/a94587/powershell.aspx#135317 ) on setting up the authentication and impersonating an account. 

Please let me know if you have any more question on doing this. 

Thank you
Tony Scholz
System/Network Administrator
SmarterTools Inc.
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