Upgrade from v15.x
Question asked by Matthew Titley - 9/23/2020 at 11:09 AM
Hi all,

Getting ready to move to 7565 from v15. New server is running and waiting patiently for domains to be migrated. My plan is to have a copy of the message store folder ready to go live by doing a last minute robocopy "update any changed files" from the old server just prior to the switch. I've got about 450 users and 600GB of data. I plan on doing a dry run to see how long it takes to import and convert the old message store.

For those of you who've done the migration, did you attempt to import all of your server settings or set them manually one by one prior to making the switch? Any unexpected problems during migration? I figure it's always worth asking the community first. Over the years I think I went from v4 to v6 to v8 to v11 to v15 but I haven't switched servers (VM...) in nearly eight years!

Thanks for any input,


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Heimir Eidskrem Replied
we are in the middle of doing that now.
Used some smaller domains for testing and it went fine.
Its pretty easy actually and so far 100% success.
Goes something like this:

  1. Disable the domain on the old server.
  2. Run richcopy and copy the domain folder to the new server d:\smartermail\staging.
  3. Change DNS if needed.
  4. Create the domain on the new server.
  5. Delete the content of the domain.com folder.
  6. Cut the content from the staging folder to the domain folder.
  7. On the new mail server, select the domain then select reload.
  8. Now you need to:
    1. Enable the domain
    2. Add the hostname mail.domain.com
    3. Turn on force all traffic over https.
  9. Delete the domain on the old server.

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