Add dkim signature to non existing domain
Question asked by Andreas Huber - 9/23/2020 at 4:12 AM

I've an ecommerce server who send emails through my smartermail server.
I've configured domain hdomain.com and it uses the account smtp@hdomain.com to authenticate and send all emails from this ecommerce server (the emails came from different domains accounts info@vdomain.com or info@wdomain.com) - this words because vdomin.com and edomain.com are configured on my smartermail server and adds the DKIM signature.

My problem is there on this ecommerce server I've an account from a domain that I don't have configured on smartermail server: info@edomain.com. And here is doesn't add a DKIM signature - so, it has more chances to get into SPAM folder.

I could add this edomain.com to my smartermail server and then set the dkim signature - just to be able to add the dkim without and let the customer use the current email solution (out of my smartermail) to send and receive the emails. But... when other domains from my smartermail tries to send an email do edomain.com it will get into my smartermail server and the customer will loose his emails.

Or... it's possible to create a rule on administration that when the sender is edomain.com I can relay or delegate the delivery to his current mail server.

On my ecommerce I cannot set an SMTP service to different emails.

I understand that this can be confusing ... but I've to try that someone understand and say "that's not possible" or "you have a possible solution".

Than you in advance

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Douglas Foster Replied
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You should be able to create the domain with 
"Inbound Message Delivery" = "External (use MX record)" or "External (use host address)".   Any address that you configure in SmarterMail will be delivered locally, but anything else will be delivered remotely.
Andreas Huber Replied
That resolved... Thank you Douglas!

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