Multi level Password Expiration rules and ability to fix expired passwords by the Admin
Idea shared by ilanmazuz - 9/23/2020 at 3:09 AM
There are 2 issues.

1.Currently, there is only 1 top level Password Expiration rule in the ser4ver level, which affects all the users in all the domains.

This is not good enough, because some domains (which are different clients) wants different rules than the others.
Also, some mailboxes are a "non human" type of addresses, such as noReply mailboxes etc. which does not get accessed by anyone and when the expiration date pass - the outgoing emails get blocked and it take some time to even know what is the reason (which is what happened to us this week and e-tickets were not sent for 2 days in one of our clients website, until we figured it out).

So the same options we have in the server level should be available in the domain level and in the account (mailbox) level, to enable overrides.

2. When a password expires, me as the Admin can't "fix" it from the management modules, even if i change the password to this account it does not reset the expire clock. 
Eventually I had to login to to this account from an incognito browser and change the password from the login screen that prompts me to do it. 

We must have a way of reset the timer/clock on the expiration date of a password for specific mailbox.

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