Webmail Duplicate Text When Pasting and Having an Image in Signature
Problem reported by Dave Hunter - 9/15/2020 at 12:28 PM

We're on the current build of Smartermail 7544 and a client has an issue with webmail copy/paste duplicating whatever text was copied twice. I tested by impersonating their account and it happened to me as well but it did not happen on other accounts. After investigating, it seems to be caused by the signature at the bottom of their email and any email that has that signature seems to have the double pasting issue. The signature has a base64 img on it and fr classes/data which I wonder if it could be an odd Froala conflict.

I was able to replicate this and narrowed it down to data-fr-image-pasted="true" being on the img tag. 

Steps to reproduce
  1. Create a signature and paste an image into it, (an example one with a blank base64 img is below these steps if you view code view in the signature creation/edit popup, otherwise I copied an img from Outlook and pasted [couldn't seem to copy an image from my computer and paste])
  2. Create a new email using the signature (or reply to an email that has that signature in it)
  3. Type any text, copy that text and try pasting it. You should see the content pasted twice.

Test Signature
<div><img data-fr-image-pasted="true" src="" style="width: 309px;" class="fr-fic fr-dib fr-fil"></div>

Aside from this is there a better way for clients to have images in their signatures (I see insert link, insert video and custom picture variable but no actual insert image)? It can add to spam scores but I see clients wanting it often regardless and in this case they must have just copied an image, pasted it and it converted to base64 to get an image in. I'd imagine linking to an image that is on the web is the ideal way instead of attaching images to emails however I'm not sure how easy that is for users to implement without web knowledge (could be a nice addition though!).

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Sébastien Riccio Replied
+1 for adding a way to easily adding an image linked to a signature (not using inline base64)

I had a question open about this here:
Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

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