Searches for full email address return no results
Problem reported by Millennium Systems - 9/2/2020 at 2:37 PM
On our current install (7516) web mail searches for full email addresses always return no results. I didn't see this being something that was fixed in the releases after 7516 so I am curious if this is a bug or something wrong with our install.

- search for domain.com will show all emails from the domain
- search for user@domain.com has no results
- search for just 'user' works, so the @ appears to be breaking the search
- tested on multiple accounts for multiple domains
- reloaded domains, and re-indexed users, no change

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
This is a known issue. We will update this thread when a fix been implemented.
Webio Replied
Until fix will be made you can use user*domain.com for search query

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