Migrating multiple users mail from another server
Question asked by Chris Eastin - 8/26/2020 at 1:11 PM
We are in the process of migrating off of an old e-mail platform we've been using for a long time to SmarterMail.  We've got around 40 domains and around 500 users.  We've got a list of domains/accounts/passwords, etc so setting all of that up shouldn't be a problem.  What is a problem is migrating the users existing mail boxes from the old platform into SmarterMail.  I know there's a way to do it a single user at a time.  Have tested that and it works just fine.  However, it just wouldn't be feasible to do that for all 500 users, and we don't want to leave it up to the users to do themselves as that is guaranteed to have 500 support tickets opened as everyone wants help doing the migration.  I've searched a bit to see if there's a way to do an en masse migration of multiple users.  I see old threads mentioning conversion tools to do the job, but the links in those threads are dead.  Does anyone have any suggestions or know where I should look?  Our current mail platform is Ipswitch IMail server.

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Kyle Kerst Replied
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Hello Chris, this is an excellent question! Something I've seen used with excellent success rates is IMAPSync or IMAPCopy. These are utilities that are primarily run in a Linux environment. Once set up you feed it a CSV file containing the user accounts, passwords, and server addresses and it will connect to both the old and new accounts and then complete an IMAP migration of all of the mail data. This will leave the calendars, contacts, etc still to be done - but will eliminate at least part of the process for you automatically! Hope this helps! :)
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echoDreamz Replied
+1 to imapsync, works perfectly even for hundreds / thousands of accounts. We've had more success from it over the built in SM migration utility.

Though, SM's IMAP does seem to have some bugs with some deduplication utilities like https://github.com/quentinsf/IMAPdedup where as other IMAP servers like iCloud, Gmail and others work fine.
Chris Eastin Replied
Thank you very much.  Will check into it.  :)
Paul Blank Replied
I have had very good success with cloud-based MigrationWiz from BitTitan. Yes, there's a per-user charge for this, and there's a learning curve, but it works very well. Allows trial migrations as well as migrating everything, for example, but the last 30 days of emails. Then you can do the final migration when you're ready, and even run it again as needed for each user. Excellent error tracking/reporting. All support is via messaging only but they always respond. Well thought out, constantly improved product. Shameless plug; I don't work for them. As usual, YMMV.

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