merge 2 smartermails?
Question asked by Chris Danks - 8/4/2020 at 7:10 AM

I am using latest smartermail and 2 VMs i want to merge in to 1 dedicated server install of smartermail.

How is this done on the latest build? i know prior to v16 i would of 
1) copied data
2) merged domainslist.xml 
3) restarted service

but not sure how i would do it since it all moved to json.

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@Chris, the domainsList.xml has been moved to the domains.json file.  You should be able to merge those files into one.  Alternatively, depending on the number of domains you're trying to move over, you can use the "Attach Domain" option.  Doing this does not require the server to be stopped.  This can also be "automated" with a script by calling the "settings/sysadmin/attach-domain" API call.  Here is a link to that API documentation: http://mail.smartertools.com/Documentation/api#/reference/SmarterMail.Web.Controllers.Api.SystemAdminSettingsController/AttachDomain 
Chris Danks Replied

lets assume serverA has 1000 domains and serverB has 1000 domains also.

I want to merge ServerA in to ServerB

ServerB has c:\smartermail\domains\  with all the domains listed here.

could I move all serverA domains to c:\smartermail\serverb\
then run some cmd/script for it to read all of the folders in c:\smartermail\serverb\  and attach them?

if so would it also detect the aliases?

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