Upgrade - Best Practices ?
Question asked by Urs - 7/21/2020 at 12:01 AM
Now with the weekly updates of the new SM, I am wondering if still all those time consuming steps should be done or some can be skipped ?

I know I do not have to install every weekly build, but it's really a lot to fix yet and every week I hope for some relevant updates, especially for my non-english customers.

How are you updating out there ?

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Matt Petty Replied
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As long as your on 17 already, you can just grab the MSI and run it and recycle your IIS app pool. This will upgrade you very quickly. This should be all you need to do, it's how we deploy updates to our box.

You can also just install the update with the EXE and just run through the steps of the installer hitting next. This will restart your app pool for you. This should be all you need to do for an upgrade.

No stopping of MailService or restarting the box should be necessary with either of these two options.

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Linda Pagillo Replied
Matt, is a full backup still required with each upgrade? I'm asking because as a best practice, we never touch a customer's server unless there is a full backup in place. Better safe than sorry ;)
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Nathan Replied
Matt, is it really not necessary to uninstall v17 before upgrading to a later v17 build?  The online documentation still suggests it is necessary.
Nathan Replied
Tested, the installer warns a reboot will be necessary if proceeding with the upgrade. An uninstall may not be necessary but the installer does not take care of stopping / starting the services for the upgrade.

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