Few issues I noticed in Smartmail moving to the current generation from SM16
Problem reported by Marc Frega - 7/18/2020 at 8:38 AM
1) on my Outlook for Android, I see a load more messages in my inbox. Never saw that before. It will show 2 or 3 messages only until I hit that. What is that about?

2) is smartertools open on fridays or still closed?  seems odd to release new builds going into a weekend or day off.

3) Iphone is either crap or there is something wrong.  Why does it always seem to fail at setting up smtp? I gotta be doing something wrong.  It sits there trying to verify all the time when i setup customers.  Is there a definitive guide to setting up email clients properly somewhere.

4) when using multiple outlook clients, I have to restart outlook on the other clients to reflect the deleted messages from the other clients.  This is a new behavior.

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