Where Did Forwarding Address Go?
Question asked by John Marx - 7/15/2020 at 6:49 AM
Okay, I just got a call from a client saying they can't add a forwarding address. I checked their account and it's the same as ours. Yet, I don't have it anymore it seems. Where did it go or am I imagining that it was on the user account?

I have forwarding enabled.

This is my account. Where am I missing the forwarding?

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@John, it should be on the account page that you are looking at.  Does a hard refresh on the page still not show that section?

John Marx Replied
I just did a full refresh. I "saw" the Forwarding option show on the screen during the reload but once reloaded it is gone. This is Edge on two different computers. I am able to see it on Chrome (which is what Edge is based on so that is odd) and Firefox.

Based on it showed and vanished I am thinking something in CSS is causing it to hide. I will try and do some more looking and try to figure it out.

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