Anyway to create a report for "Outbound Senders" ?
Question asked by Steve Gaston - 7/7/2020 at 2:08 AM

We spotted that there were outbound senders in the "Top Outbound Senders" list from email accounts that are not hosted on our mail server.

Our users use compex passwords and we only have the IP address of the server and in the "whitelist" section.

I have blocked the IP address (SMTP) that was associated with the "rogue" accounts and the rogue outbound senders no longer appear.

We could not find how this occured, email accounts do not seem to be compromised and we are not on any of the major blacklists according to http://multirbl.valli.org/lookup/

So is there a way we can create a report for "Outbound Senders" that is greater than 10 emails and a longer period of 24 hours which are the limits that are currently processed automatically by the Smartermail software.

We are currently running version SmarterMail Professional Version - 100.0.7242.24590 


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