Stop the Subject of Tickets changing by incoming emails
Question asked by Web Services - 6/26/2020 at 1:15 PM
When a customer responds via email to a ticket, the subject of the ticket will change. This is causing issues with internal tracking of issues or problems as we have specific patterns to ticket subjects. The other common problem is that email responses which have "[External]" or some other type flag in the email subject then is transferred over to the ticket subject.

Is there a way to prevent ticket subjects from changing by emails and only allow ticket subjects to be changed inside the SmarterTrack application?

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Emily Ward Replied
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I completely understand how frustrating this can be. Unfortunately, there is not a way to prevent end users from changing the subject of the ticket when they respond via email. The ticket response the customer receives is received just like any other email, where the subject can be changed. The only way to prevent them from changing the subject is to only allow users to respond to tickets directly in the portal and not via email.
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