Is there any way to throttle outgoing emails on the basis of the recipient domain?
Question asked by Andrew Stein - 6/15/2020 at 1:18 PM
I've been struggling with Yahoo giving us the  4.7.0 Temporarily Deferred messages on outgoing mail and sticking our mails into their junk filter.   I have one customer who sends responses to a form on their website every night and I want to throttle them for outgoing email to AOL or Yahoo.  I think the amount of connections coming from our server at once is the cause.  Is this possible in SM or with Declude?

An a similar vein, if I enter a value for Max Messages Per Session, what happens if a sender goes over?  Are they delayed or dropped?

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Ron Raley Replied
Andrew, as far as I know you cannot.

It would be awesome to be able to do this, however.  We would be able to solve several ongoing issues with ISPs (that have no idea what they are doing) and simply block our messages because they get too many at one time.

I have even gone as far as "recommending" that users ditch these ISP e-mail providers for something that actually works.  The customer does not like this answer.

RoadRunner E-mail is definitely one of them.
Local county government is another one.

Andrew Stein Replied
I've run out of options and started using 3rd party gateways so that mail can be delivered. :|

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