How Can I filter for multiple Customer Emails Domains
Question asked by Marcel Ammann - 6/11/2020 at 1:27 PM
Hi I would like to create an Ticket Event and filter the event for different e-Mail Domains.
e.g. gmx.ch swisscom.ch gmail.com

Event Categorie: Ticket
Event Type: Idle Ticket

Filter: Customer Eimail --> Contains --> multiple email domains like gmx.ch gmx.net gmail.com swisscom.ch

Or do I have to create an event for each email Domain?

Or can i filter on the organization? I do not see the Filter for organization in the Event Settings

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Hi Marcel,

At this time you can only put one entry in the field for Customer Email.  Unfortunately, you would need to create an event for each domain you want the event applied to.

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