On the latest version of SM 17, after changing a spam filter rule, the weight disappears.
Problem reported by Andrew Stein - 6/9/2020 at 8:10 AM
In a domain, when I disable Override spam settings, each probability has a weight, as normal.

However, when I override the spam settings, the weight disappears as an option when changing the rule, and if I hit save, the weight is blanked out.

Am I doing something wrong?  Or, is this a bug?  If so, is there a workaround?

Edit:  I checked the settings.json for the domain and see this:
"spam_level_low_weight":10,"spam_level_low_action":{"action_type":6,"argument":"SPAM-LOW: "},"spam_level_med_weight":14,"spam_level_med_action":{"action_type":4,"argument":"Junk E-mail"},"spam_level_high_weight":30,"spam_level_high_action":{"action_type":1}

So, the weights are still there despite not showing in the gui.

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Thank you for reporting the display issue. We have added it to our bugs list and should have a fix shortly.

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