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Idea shared by Adam Berry - 6/7/2020 at 3:27 AM

Unless I'm being really silly - it appears that an Administrator of SmarterMail can only amend small things in a user's profile, like their display name - but not things like profile picture and job title.
We have our global signature restricted so that users cannot change their signature. This shows fields like 'Job Title'. It would be great if an admin can set the Job Title of a user from the portal, and disallow edits from the end user.

Otherwise, we might see users start to change their job titles to make their e-mail signature look good. I know we should trust our users, which I do. But I can see some clients wanting a feature like this - like they currently have with 365.

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Tim Uzzanti Replied
Employee Post
Yea, we do have a future feature to lock profile information which kind of goes our approach to company-wide signatures etc.
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