"Deliver local if user exists" option missing in Domain Defaults when using External MX option in "Inbound Message Delivery"
Problem reported by Webio - 6/4/2020 at 3:58 AM

I wanted to return to some specific delivery option/configuration which IMHO is quite crucial when delivering messages in shared hosting company scenario where users are managing their own domains (so they can add and remove any domain they want). This is covered in this old topic:

Some time later new option "Domain location" has been added to SMv15:

it contained options External MX and External (host address). Next to this option was "Deliver locally if user exisrts".

This option has been removed in v17 (maybe also in v16 because I skipped this version) but recently has been readded to latesr builds.

Only thing which is missing is checkbox "Deliver locally if user exists" in Domains defaults which makes managing 5k of mail domains not possible to apply this change to all of them and this option is crucial when we want to deliver messages to external MX servers if local domain configuration exists.

So .. my problem here is that when I ask about readding "Deliver locally if user exists" checkbox in Domain Defaults in support ticket related to External MX configuration I'm being asked to ask for support of this option on community board and that's why I'm sending this message.

IMHO this should be just readded to Domain defaults since this function is already implemented, it can be changed in individual domain configuration and was already there in domain defaults in previous versions (for sure in v15).

Anyway does someone from you is using this option? I think this is very important configuration for shared hosting companies using SmarterMail as their mail server.


EDIT: this was also covered in KB article which has been removed for some reason:

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Andrew Barker Replied
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Good find! We have added this issue to our internal development list.

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