Setup Events based on Subjects of incoming Emails
Question asked by VCA Admin - 5/28/2020 at 12:54 PM
We are trying to setup Events based on Subjects of incoming Emails.  Build 7219 Enterprise Edition.  Couple of questions.

  1.  How can we specify specific phrases in the subject line?  Do they go in quotes?
  2. Can we specify multiple words and how do we separate the words?  With a comma?
  3. We are creating Events based on Email subjects and the Action is transferring the tickets specific Group.  Sometimes the ticket will get created in the main queue and also in the target Group with the same ticket number when the specified key word is in the subject line.  The ticket in the Target Group cannot be transferred if needed.  The only way to transfer the ticket is to transfer the duplicate ticket in the main queue.  Why would 2 tickets be seen and can it be prevented?

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