HOW TO Share article to a Friend with Custom form
Question asked by Jose Saiz - 5/25/2020 at 9:59 AM
How to add a custom send to a friend article? I would like to have a custom form that allows the user to send the article via email without the need of using his/her (GMAIL, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, Windows OUTLOOK, etc.)

 -----CUSTOM FORM ------------------- 
Recipient name: ______________ 
Recipient email: ______________      
Your name: ____________     
Your email: ____________        
Comment: ______________ 

{The article URL to be embbed in the email}


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Heimir Eidskrem Replied
Wrong place for that question.

This is about Smartermail - a mail server.

support Replied
Forgive me, I thought this community was for all of the smartertools, even though I selected the right tag, please guide me to the correct community because I could not find the one dedicated for the smartertrack tool.

Heimir Eidskrem Replied
You really need to expand on what you are trying to do.
in smartertrack you can attach a file when you respond to a ticket 

you can also create a canned reply with links to articles etc. it’s already there.

the way you word your questions it sounds like you are asking how to create a regular web form.  
support Replied
Thanks Heimir for your suggestion, my bad for not properly post the question, since I don't know how to edit the subject of this post, I will rephrase my post, instead I would to post that I am trying to accomplish to create a custom form in order to send the article posted on my Smartertrack to a friend without the need to login to any of the social media or gmail, yahoo or local email to send the article in other word I do not know how and I wonder if any one knows how to do it or done it before and be kind to show me.

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