[BETA] 7438, 7440: EAS - activesync.log and massive increased filesize (Loglevel: Detailed)
Problem reported by Thomas Lange - 5/19/2020 at 6:48 AM

starting with SmarterMail/ProductionReady BETA Build 7438 first we noticed, that CPU usuage was going up to 90 and even upto 98% and very strange: the size of the daily activesync.log increased upto 35GB during 3/4 of a day - I set it to Loglevel Detailed.... what changed/happened, why do we now have a huge filesize of activesync.log (We are using 54 out of our 100 licensed EAS users.)

Currently, running BETA Build 7440, the CPU-usuage varies form 40% to 70 or 80%,
but the drastic increase of the activesync.log-file is filling/overfilling our harddisk.
The 45-50 GB free drivespace was prior Build 7338 plenty enough of free space for our varius logfiles.

In case there are issues with activesync, I think setting Loglevel to "Normal" would not be the best solution. btw: the GBs of logfile are difficult to handle, read or even zip/upload.


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Thomas, I will create a ticket with you so we can get a copy of your ActiveSync logs for analysis.
Thomas Lange Replied
I uploaded a few activesync.log-files - I hope you can figure out what is going wrong, why the logfiles are so heavily increasing in filesize right now.

even the "IIS/inetpub-logfiles" are increasing in their size, filling up with many lines with "ActiveSync" in it
Thomas Lange Replied
It looks like our issues have to do with "Item not synced due to not being found in GRP: Folder Inbox"  (and other account with folder "Deleted Items")- but deleting the account+profile in Outlook 2016, followed by deleting Outlook/leftover-files, deleting entry at Connectivity/Synchronized Devices and re-attaching does not solve our issues of the filling/growing activesync.log

these issues started by updating to Build 7438, and continued in 7440 and even actual Build 7444 as of yesterday.

Robert is working on these issues via Support-Ticket, I uploaded more activesync.log-files.

Thomas Lange Replied
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The latest public BETA build 7445 probably solved this issue:
FIXED: If a CFG contains references to an email not in any associated GRPs that reference is not being removed properly. (Note: Might cause higher than normal CPU usage especially with EAS clients.)

At least the first 6 hours are looking very promising - activesync.log (Loglevel Detailed) after 6.5 hours the filzesize is 7MB - and the "Item not synced"-entries are less occuring - not anymore in an "endless-loop" like before with 7438, 7440 and 7444. And the SmarterMail-windows-service-CPU-usuage is drastically decreased - probably back to normal.

btw: Today we have a holiday in Germany - so no normal working day/not much traffic/email-client usuage at our company, next normal office day will be on next Monday. But my first results with the affected acocunts/emailclients look already verfy promising.

I uploaded our actual activesync.log so that devteam can have a look if it is really ok right now - or if there are still issues or if there is some more optimizations possible.

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