How to move email from one account to another acccount?
Question asked by Benjamin Breedlove - 5/13/2020 at 7:32 AM
Using SM Enterprise Build 7242.

We have an employee who retired and we want to move all his email from his email account to another user's email account who will be taking over his duties.  How is this possible besides forwarding one email at a time?   The retired employee has several hundred unread emails that needs to be forwarded or moved.


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echoDreamz Replied
You can use the built in SM migration to use IMAP to copy the emails from 1 account to the other or a tool like imapsync.
Benjamin Breedlove Replied
Thank you, I will try that.  Thanks.
JerseyConnect Team Replied
You can also copy the grp files from one account to the other. Put them in a separate folder and then use the restore option Rebuild Folder to add all the emails to the other account.

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