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Idea shared by kevind - 5/7/2020 at 7:33 AM
Under Consideration
IDEA: Condense the message header in the preview pane so more of the actual message is displayed.

Currently the message header (Subject, Date, From, To, Message bar - Dangerous Scripts, & Message tab) seems like it takes up a lot of vertical space. This only leaves 1/2 the vertical space to preview the actual message (depending on monitor resolution).

  • Remove the excess white-space in the header so it takes up less vertical space.
  • Make the header scroll up/down with the preview window. Some other mail systems/clients do this.

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Here's a picture to better illustrate my point. The header has a lot of whitespace and in this example takes up over half the vertical space on the screen...

It's really an easy fix -- just get rid of the extra whitespace between all the different elements. Maybe even move the messages about dangerous scripts, etc. onto the same line as the Date/Time.

Another idea is to include the header in the scroll area like Gmail does.
Should I bother posting these UI improvements? Just trying to make SM a better product for our customers, but could use a reply from ST to make sure it's worth the effort. Thanks.
Robert Emmett Replied
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@Kevin, thank you for your suggestions. I have added this to our feature requests list for further consideration.
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