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Idea shared by kevind - 5/7/2020 at 7:33 AM
Under Consideration
IDEA: Condense the message header in the preview pane so more of the actual message is displayed.

Currently the message header (Subject, Date, From, To, Message bar - Dangerous Scripts, & Message tab) seems like it takes up a lot of vertical space. This only leaves 1/2 the vertical space to preview the actual message (depending on monitor resolution).

  • Remove the excess white-space in the header so it takes up less vertical space.
  • Make the header scroll up/down with the preview window. Some other mail systems/clients do this.

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Here's a picture to better illustrate my point. The header has a lot of whitespace and in this example takes up over half the vertical space on the screen...

It's really an easy fix -- just get rid of the extra whitespace between all the different elements. Maybe even move the messages about dangerous scripts, etc. onto the same line as the Date/Time.

Another idea is to include the header in the scroll area like Gmail does.
Should I bother posting these UI improvements? Just trying to make SM a better product for our customers, but could use a reply from ST to make sure it's worth the effort. Thanks.
Robert Emmett Replied
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@Kevin, thank you for your suggestions. I have added this to our feature requests list for further consideration.
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Robert, good to hear this is on the list! Looking forward to some UI improvements.

In SM15, the header took up less space so you could see more of the message. So this is one thing our users notice after the upgrade, especially the ones on smaller displays where the header takes up 50% of the screen.

In addition to removing the excess whitespace, making the entire preview pane (including header) scroll up/down might provide a better user experience so users could see more of the message on the screen at once.
I agree. This is an excellent suggestion.
Just bumping this idea as it's been close to 6 months.  As more people ditch email clients and use webmail, this would be a great enhancement.

Had one email with 3 message bars at top (dangerous scripts, no images, and will be deleted in X days) leaving about 1 inch to preview the message. :)   How about a notification symbol <!> instead that could display all these items?

Easy solution is to include header in scroll area, like Gmail, so you can scroll down and see the entire message.
I believe the entire SmarterMail product could use less CSS padding.

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