7429 Still no outbox?
Problem reported by Robert Simpson - 5/4/2020 at 8:04 PM
This has happened a few times in the past -- I've sent an e-mail via MAPI, and it gets stuck.  It's effectively invisible.  Outlook is trying to send it to SM I guess, and SM is rejecting it (maybe size-related or whatever).  

Since there's no Outbox (unlike a regular Exchange account) my account effectively is in this weird state where the e-mail will not be sent, and can't be deleted.  The only option right now is to delete the OST file?

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Larry Duran Replied
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Hey Robert, we made the Outbox folder visible in MAPI a while ago.  I'm not sure the exact date but we made it visible about 1-2 months ago.  If you don't see it in the normal email folder view then try switching to the Folders view (should be in the '...' menu next to tasks or notes in the bottom left of Outlook) and see if you see it in there.  If you still don't see it then there's something not right with the folder sync and I'd advise you to open a ticket for it.
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