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Idea shared by David Bartholomew - 5/1/2020 at 12:37 PM
Allow administrators to pre-assign a mailbox to be disabled on a schedule.  Currently, IT is advised a few hours before an employee is terminated or quits and it would be very helpful if the changes to the user's profile could be scheduled.  Such that on X Date at Y Time John Doe's mailbox is Disabled for access. There should be two values same as the current disable mailbox settings. Then at Y on X the account is automatically changed.  

Ideally, if admin could also enable or setup a forwarding to be enabled at the same time that would be awesome. 

If any of this can already be accomplished through a API I would appreciate knowing how to task drive it. d

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Good idea!!!!
Gabriele Maoret - Head of SysAdmins at SERSIS
Currently manages 6 SmarterMail installations (1 in the cloud for SERSIS which provides services to a few hundred third-party email domains + 5 on-premise for customers who prefer to have their mail server in-house)
Yup, would be great for SM to do. Right now, we have this feature through our control panel.
Be nice as we utilize the API to achieve this functionality.

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