Bring back selectable text!
Problem reported by Robert Simpson - 4/23/2020 at 8:12 AM
Latest SM builds and Chrome, I can no longer copy/paste from the grid views.  I used to look at the IDS blocks to see what got blocked, highlight an IP address, copy it, and paste it into the logfile search dialog.

Now I can't select/copy/paste any text from any of the views.  Give us an export view option, or bring back selectable text, please!

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Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Robert, 

Thanks for reaching out... I've added this item to our list of requests for discussion. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Gabriele Maoret - SERSIS Replied
+1 for that

We need to have selectable text back too (export option it's not enough).

It's absolutely needed to investigate logs and issues and many more.

It's needed in all views and pages
Sébastien Riccio Replied
If this is an issue because how the interface is designed and hard to bring back, maybe a solution would be to add a  small "Copy to clipboard" icon near the IP address or any other valuable (for admins) list items  ?

Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

Grady Werner Replied
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We agree, and this has already been changed in the code base.  The export is also a good idea and I'll add it for discussion internally.
Grady Werner
SmarterTools Inc.

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