swap a domain alias to become the main domain name
Question asked by Jon Eastwood - 12/1/2014 at 10:08 AM
We have a client set up on the mail server under a domain and an alias.
Main domain: emaildomainA.com
With an alias domain of: emaildomainB.com
Unfortunately they let emaildomainA.com expire and have now lost it.
Email all still works as they are now emailing out as emaildomainB.com
My question is, can I some how without loosing mail, accounts and settings replace the main account domain of emaildomainA.com with emaildomainB.com - This would remove the expired domain and promote the alias to be the main domain and there would no longer be an alias.
Does all that make sense :-)

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Steve Reid Replied
The only way I know would be by editing the files and folders directly in smartermails settings files. You would need to stop the service, make the edits and then restart the service.
Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Jon,
As Steve mentioned above, this can be done by modifying the files and folders directly in the files on the server. Here are the steps on how you can Rename a Domain. I believe you'll want to delete the alias first so that it can be used as the domain name instead. 
Hope this helps!

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Jon Eastwood Replied
cant easily do that as its on a production server with over 400 users :-(
Jon Eastwood Replied
Thanks Andrea, will have to try to find a maintenance window

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