SmarterMail Build 7398 MAPI/EWS Problem on iOS
Problem reported by David Bloomer - 4/7/2020 at 4:04 PM
I am trying to create a new mail account and it is failing to verify. The administrative log shows this error:
ActiveSync Login failed: User [user@domain] requires app passwords for non webmail access on protocol [EAS]
I am using the MAPI/EWS app password for this account and have successfully set up a MAPI connection with Outlook for Windows using this account and password.
I have tried both Apple Mail and Outlook for iOS and have the same fault with both clients.
I first had the issue with Build 7391, but have upgraded to 7398.
Thank you.

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David Bloomer Replied
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I think I've found the answer, after upgrading to 7398 there's now another App Password for AES. I used this password and Apple Mail on iOS verified immediately and is working.

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