MAPI null reference exception (7391)
Problem reported by Robert Simpson - 4/1/2020 at 12:13 PM
[2020.04.01] 08:08:57.961 [{F6808B39-AB03-4996-925C-0D4630BDD3F6}:14] Started Method: [RopFastTransferSourceCopyTo] Caller: [user@email.com] Owner: [user@email.com]
[2020.04.01] 08:08:57.961 [{F6808B39-AB03-4996-925C-0D4630BDD3F6}:14] Finished Method: [RopFastTransferSourceCopyTo] Caller: [user@email.com] Owner: [user@email.com] Success
[2020.04.01] 08:08:57.961 [{F6808B39-AB03-4996-925C-0D4630BDD3F6}:14] Started Method: [RopFastTransferSourceGetBuffer] Caller: [user@email.com] Owner: [user@email.com]
[2020.04.01] 08:08:57.975 [{F6808B39-AB03-4996-925C-0D4630BDD3F6}:14] Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
[2020.04.01]    at MailService.Protocols.MAPI.Rops.FastTransferRops.RopFastTransferSourceGetBuffer.Process(List`1 payloadServerObjectHandleTable)
[2020.04.01]    at MailService.Protocols.MAPI.RequestTypes.ExecuteRequest.Process()
[2020.04.01]    at MailService.Protocols.MAPI.MapiProcessor.Process()

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Michael Replied
Robert Simpson what was the issue here? Did it ever get solved?
Robert Simpson Replied
I don't recall anymore.  I didn't end up licensing the MAPI addon when it was finally released.  Figured I'd give it a year or so to stabilize.

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