Please do a single thread with all our requests ... How many of you want the options for the preview pane back?
Question asked by Gabriele Maoret - SERSIS - 3/24/2020 at 1:03 AM
As the title says ...
Gabriele Maoret - SERSIS - Head of SysAdmins
Currently manages 3 SmarterMail installations (1 in cloud for SERSIS which provides service to a few hundreds 3rd party Mail Domains + 2 on premise to customers)

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viv burrows Replied
Nope, no requests

echoDreamz Replied
I personally prefer the right side preview, but the majority of our users that have complained mainly want the ability to turn it off completely.
John Marx Replied
My users are asking for right and off options. Bottom "would be nice" but they said they can live without it.
Ashwin Pai Replied
We prefer bottom Preview 
and the old outlook like structure , the most recent view is morel like OWA. 

SO I guess from this Thread  , contrary to the help article , Bottom is not an Option ?
" Preview Pane - To specify where the preview pane appears in the management interface, select the appropriate option from the list: Right, Bottom or None. " 
Employee Replied
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In the next public build release, we are re-adding the option for users to show or hide the preview pane. Please note that only the right-side preview pane will be available; the bottom pane is no longer an option.

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