Management interface grayed out, not fully loading
Problem reported by Andrew Harris - 3/16/2020 at 2:59 PM
I have an issue i'm hoping someone out there can give help on.
Currently everything in smarter track seems to be working fine until i log into the management interface. 
Attached is the issue. I have uninstalled ST and SQL, then started fresh.
I deleted the ST install directory and the site within IIS. 
Currently there are no errors in the event log that point to any issues within the Server, and i cannot access ST log files.
Here is what's running;
Server 2012 r2
ST (build 7348) 
MS SQL Ex 2016

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Andrew Harris Replied
Ok, well i think i figured this one out. IIS didn't have full access to the App_Data folder for some reason.
well.. if anyone ever needs this in the future.. there you have it.

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