Outbound Gateway for single Domain
Question asked by Josh Vandyke - April 23, 2014 at 1:30 PM
I have a SmarterMail 11 system with several domains running on it. We have the requirement to route all outbound mail for a single domain through an outbound gateway. I can see under Settings--Routing--Outbound gateway I can configure an outbound gateway, but I only want e-mails from this single domain to use this. 
How can I accomplish this? I don't want any other domains to use this outbound gateway just the single one. 

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Emily Ward Replied
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Hi Josh,
The first thing you'll want to do is change the priority settings for your gateway.  You'll do this when you login as the system admin and click on Settings > Routing > Outgoing Gateways.  Click New (or edit your existing gateway) and change the priority for that particular gateway.  Then you will want to edit your domain that will be sending through the gateway and click on the Priority tab and change the priority for the various types of messages to match the priority set on the gateway.
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Larry Lubman Replied
This is only a workaround and if you don't have enterprise, you can't even do this. right? We need to be able to set an outbound gateway per domain.
Api Lion Replied
Hi Emily
Agree with with Josh idea, how about give an option in the latest smartermail to have a choose selecting individual gateway for each domain. So each domain have individual configuration gateway setting could be set.
Thank you

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