Throttling Users but not Throttling Mailing Lists?
Question asked by Shaun Peet - 3/2/2020 at 7:22 AM
We have outbound message count throttles setup to help prevent further damages if a users's mailbox is compromised.  This is set to limit 2000 outbound messages per hour on a user, with an action of delay.  This is actually set quite a bit higher than we'd like because this throttling action currently also applies to mailing lists and we have a number of large lists on the server which when used are immediately throttled.  This creates big delays in delivery to mailing lists unless we manually monitor and clear the throttles.

So what's the proper way to setup throttling so that it only applies to users and not mailing lists?

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Shaun Peet Replied
Bump.  Hopefully this is an easy one?
Andrew Barker Replied
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SmarterMail has three different levels of throttling: domain, user, and mailing list.

Domain throttling is applied to all remote delivery messages. Throttling settings for the domain level are managed by the system admin and can be configured on a per-domain basis. From the Domain Defaults page, they can be propagated to multiple domains. Based on your initial post, I suspect that this is the limit you are setting to 2000.

User level throttling is applied to all remote delivery messages that are sent directly from a user. This throttling level is managed by the domain administrator. The user level throttling can also be propagated from the User Defaults page. If you are looking to have more restrictive throttling for users and not for mailing lists, You would want to modify the setting in the User Defaults so that it will automatically be applied to any new accounts, and then propagate the new limits to existing users.

Mailing list throttling is applied to all remote delivery messages that are sent by a mailing list. As with user throttling, mailing list throttling is configured by the domain administrator for each individual mailing list. Based on your original post, you may want to check the individual mailing lists and make sure that their throttle limits are set appropriately.
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Shaun Peet Replied
Thanks for the response Andrew.  Indeed I have noticed that each individual mailing list has its own throttle settings.  In our case, here is the default settings when creating a new mailing list:

Are these defaults configurable anywhere?  I can't seem to find them.

What I'm also getting confused about is that I have a System Event which fires so that when a user is throttled it sends me an email.  The emails being sent include mailing lists as the "user" being throttled which when I go to the spool page I can verify that the mailing list is indeed throttled.  What is curious though is that some of these lists that are getting throttled have less than 500 subscribers (some closer to 200) and yet when I go to check the throttling settings for the mailing list its limit is set to the default (500 messages / 50 MB), and in the spool I only see one message sent to the list.

The email I get about a user being throttled always says that the reason is due to exceeding the sent messages limit.  I'm wondering with that 50MB limit though if that's the actual reason for the throttle?

I think that 50MB limit on the bandwidth side is pretty restrictive too - which is why I'd like to be able to change it (and propagate existing lists too).  If it's not configurable and that's a SmarterMail default, then I'd be curious to understand why both of these are so low.


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