Latest mail opens automatically upon login
Problem reported by Stefan Maton - 2/21/2020 at 2:48 AM

this is kind of a double problem since the update to the latest available version of Smartermail (7242).

a) Upon login, the webinterface automatically opens the latest email received. This happens on mobile devices and on desktop browsers, if the browser window is small.

b) The back button of the smartphone and the web browser on desktop doesn't work. The browser goes one step back in the history, but automatically re-opens the latest email. You have to use the return button of the web interface to access the list of all emails.

c) Once you're in the list of all emails, a simple tap (or click for desktop) doesn't open the email anymore. This was the behaviour of earlier versions of Smartermail. Now you have to double tap (or double click) an email to open a new browser window.

Is there any way to restore the initial behavior (not automatically opening the latest mail + no double tap)?

Thanks for your help,
Stefan Maton

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Alex Clarke Replied
The first issue (latest email loading automatically) is a known bug and has been around for a while.

It’s apparently been fixed in the latest beta release. 

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