IMAP unresponsive and Backups failing
Question asked by Paul Harris - 2/11/2020 at 10:36 AM
We are running on 10.7242, windows 2012 R2 server 7 GB RAM, 2 CPU with 2 cores each (Vmware).

We have licenses for up to 250 users (so small system) and have a few users who have 30 GB mail boxes, using IMAP as they are also shared over various desktop clients.

We have started to see over the last month or so that our backup consolidation is failing to consolidate on alternating days, and the only way we have currently found is that by stopping the server before the backup starts the system then manages to do the consolidation and the server just works OK the following day.

However when the consolidation fails, the whole system runs like a "bad situation" and customers call and complain.

We also find that from time to time the IMAP also becomes unresponsive and we end up having to restart the smartermail service to correct this.

The only reason I can find for the consolidation issue is possibly excessive disk IO, and system becomes unresponsive.

Any Idea's would help.  

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Matt Petty Replied
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You can run Resource Monitor, go to "Disk" and check MailService.exe to get an idea of what it is currently doing. Also what version are you running? Is there a specific tool/client you use for doing the backups?
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Paul Harris Replied
Hi Matt,

Running 10.7242 Enterprise edition
Using Veeam backup 9.5

Have looked at the disk resources and the OS during off peak is using 100% active time from time to time. 

OS Drive (C:) has 26 domains, with a few large domains on them, Disk 1 (D:) has 8 Domains, and disk 2 (D), has our largest single domain(average size of mail box is 32 GB each, using IMAP again).

Paul Harris Replied
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Hi All,

Managed to sort this issue out with some tweaks to the VMWare host configuration for the backups using the below links from vmware

Thanks all for any help given

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