Duplicate Message ID in totally unrelated messages
Problem reported by Rod Strumbel - 2/6/2020 at 12:21 PM
Am having a devil of a time trying to debug some issues (have mentioned this before but its getting to be impossible to get all the details for a message).   I query the SMTP logs (which are set on detailed) looking for bill@mydomain.com for a date range.  That works, I get all Bill's messages listed.   Next, I need the DETAILS about a particular messages so I pull the message id from that record in the listing... [12345678] for example and then change to search on that.

I would expect I would just get all the related information for that particular message.
Instead, I get dozens (sometimes hundreds) of totally unrelated messages that all seem to have that same [12345678] message id stamped into them.

If I use the "Display Related Traffic" option instead of entering in the message id I want... I get the same problem... all sorts of messages totally unrelated to what I'm looking for sharing duplicate message ids.

I'm on SmarterMail Enterprise Version - 100.0.7125 but this has been an ongoing issue since our initial install of SM a couple years ago.

Anybody run into this / know of a fix ?

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Rod Strumbel Replied
This appears to be between subspools... hard to tell with the mess of messages involved though
Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
Rod, this is a weird one for sure! I recommend getting on to something newer and monitoring for a couple of days to see if these behaviors clear up. If they don't we can get it over to development for further review. There have been some significant changes to the spool process and related areas since 7125 and its possible this might already be resolved. Have a good one Rod!
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