Restoring a full email domain without SM service restart
Idea shared by Frank Cheung - 2/3/2020 at 1:17 PM
The request was to be able to load the domain within the web interface once we had done an email domain restore. I do see that the current version of SM has the "attach user" and "attach folder" options which enable us to restore files, however the instructions are not the same for loading a full domain (from a back up restore).

I want to restore c:\temp\

You're online instructions say that I should be able to use "Attach user" or "Attach folder" by pointing it to c:\temp\\Users\username or \Users\username\mail

But there are no instructions on how to import for full c:\temp\ domain.

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Any updates?

Beta build has in Domains section in actions dropdown (three dots) option "Attach domain".
Andrew Barker Replied
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As Webio pointed out, the option to attach a domain has been added in the BETA versions.

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