Sending emails to Gmail accounts taking longer than normal
Question asked by Paul Harris - 1/27/2020 at 6:29 AM
Since the start of the year we are experiencing issues with customers email taking longer to be received by people who have emails hosted by "gmail", but not all the time.

I have checked our email delivery logs and the message always says delivered OK, but it can be anywhere from 30+ minutes or even the next day that the emails are received by the "gmail" user.

All domains have SPF records and DKIM records.

Have done a test with one of our main domains to my personal "gmail" account and it is there in seconds.

Looking for any ideas?

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Paul Harris Replied
After further checking with the receiver it looks like gmail is automatically setting it as SPAM even though there are no or very little bad reputation marks on the various sites check.

Has any body any other reason why this would end in the SPAM folder in gmail.

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