New MAPI release features?
Question asked by Joe Dellaragione - 12/27/2019 at 8:17 AM
So literally last week management instructed me to start pricing out EXCHANGE because they were not happy with some of the shortcomings of smartermail. Then I got the email about the new MAPI features. I was wondering if anyone can confirm any of the following will now be possible as these are the reasons we would be leaving smartermail:

1. Global address lists. Only way to do it now is through share point, I want my GAL to automatically push to everyone’s outlook.

2. Distribution lists. That also push out to outlook like the above.

3. Better calendar sharing. It’s very buggy right now and often pushes out duplicate requests.

4. Out of office through outlook instead of webmail.

5. Conference room booking?

If most of these are things that will improve in the latest version it may be worth sticking around ...

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echoDreamz Replied
We haven’t had a real chance to test MAPI, my recommendation is to avoid the production beta at all costs. 
Lot of issue here too, EchoDreamz...
I'm afraid that the "Production Ready Beta" is not production ready at all... 

I installed it because they claim "Production Ready" if you not use MAPI, but there's a lot of complaints from my customers...

There's a way to go back to a stable version?
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Joe Dellaragione Replied
I won’t use it on a live environment, but could anyone confirm some of these features I listed *would* be possible once it’s stable? 

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