is whitelisted.org a legit service
Question asked by Marc Frega - 12/12/2019 at 7:08 AM
Anyone use whitelisted.org at? is there a benefit? Seems shady.

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Sébastien Riccio Replied

For us all, things related to UCEPROTECT are shady. We sometimes ends up in their list, when we are not listed anywhere else.
Unfortunately some admins of remote mail servers use it to "protect" their servers from spam. Most of the time it's false positives and they ask money to be unlisted/whitelisted.

For me it's a bunch of people abusing the (anti)spam business to grab some money here and there.

Stay away.

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Sébastien Riccio
System & Network Admin

Marc Frega Replied
Scarab Replied

To add to this: I personally wouldn't sign-up and pay a subscription to be listed with them, but I can't see that it would hurt to use their RBL for HAM tests. TBH I find BondedSender and SurretyMail's IADB to usually be enough for distinguishing HAM from Bulk Email SPAM (basically if they are a legitimate Bulk Mail Sender, like ConstantContact, MailChimp, MailGun, etc. then they have paid to be listed on BondedSender).

The thing with UCEProtect is that although L1 works, their L2 & L3 can have the opposite effect and result in lots of false positives. The premise of L2 & L3 is "Never forgive, never forget" as most Spammers game the system that most RBLs utilize and will rotate through different IP ranges once those ranges are dropped from most RBLs and show again as "Neutral" or "Good" reputation. UCEProtect L2 & L3 was intended to catch those that game the system by remembering Abuses beyond the 24 hours - 14 days that the rest of the RBLs use. It works as intended, but since every Mail Server has some bad days from compromised accounts, or webapps that go overboard, or users that abuse their privileges, just about every Mail Server that has ever sent email, and every ASN that has ever had a Mail Server in it's IP Range, ultimately finds themselves on L2 & L3 at some point, which results in them not being very useful as a RBL.It is important to note that UCEProtect even warns users NEVER to use these lists for SMTP Blocking and USE AT YOUR OWN RISK because of collateral damage their use may cause. I use them but on a 10/20/30 point scale I only assign them a 4 and a 2 respectively. Unless an email fails at least two other RBL tests they are going to be delivered to the Inbox. It's enough to tip the scales from one level of probability of being Junk E-Mail to the next highest one if they are already in question, but not enough to penalize a legitimate sender.

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