How do I find a user's account based on their forwarding email?
Question asked by Michael Muller - 12/9/2019 at 10:42 AM
I just sent an all-user email and received a couple bounces from gmail and other addresses saying the account did not exist. I'm guessing some people have their incoming emails forwarded to gmail or hotmail or whatever. How do I find the users to remove the forwarding? I tried the Export All users to CSV and it includes all kinds of info, but not their forwarding address.

I found this thread from 2015, which was advanced to being a Proposed Idea. Did it ever get added?

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Emily Ward Replied
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Hi Michael,

If they are set to detailed, you should see something in your delivery logs.  You can do a search for the gmail or other addresses that you received the bounce for.  You might see a line similar to this:

Delivery for user@mydomain.com to otheruser@gmail.com has completed (Bounced) 
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