Is there anyway whereby domain administrator is able to set their own password policy?
Idea shared by Ng Cher Choon - 12/9/2019 at 3:10 AM
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Currently, the administrator of the highest level is able to set the policy for the entire servers hosting all the domains. However, is there anyway, the domain administrator can set their own password policy that the user needs to change their password after certain number of days?

Also is it possible the domain administrator is able to monitor who has made the necessary password change?


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Emily Ward Replied
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At this time only the system administrator can configure the password policy for the whole server.  There is currently no domain setting for this.  However, I'm changing your question to an Idea and submitting this to our developers for discussion.
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We've been asked this a zillion times. It would be great if system admins could set a global policy and domain admins can override it with their own so long as their policy meets the system admin policy minimums.

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