Most stable verion of smartermail
Question asked by it - 11/25/2019 at 8:46 AM
Haven't been around for a very long time.  Was wondering what version is the most stable as last time i was here people were downgrading from ver 16 to ver 15.

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The current version of SmarterMail is build 7242.  You can view the release notes for it here:

Netmate Replied
IMHO the version 15 is the most stable version till now.
Jade D Replied
I would say version 16 is the best, it had a better interface than version 15 - if we could roll back to version 16 right now we would do so for all of our servers.
15 was also very good - both of them fast and stable.
I would not recommend the latest version 17xx 
We have multiple servers running the latest version of smartermail and the list of issues and bugs keeps growing but at this point in time its pointless logging any of them with smartertools as MAPI development comes first.
Luk Replied
Jade D,
Can you tell more about this issues You have with v17? I was going to upgrade some of our Smartermail servers from v15 to v17 build 7242 but now I hesitate.
Jade D Replied
IDS Rules dont work as expected - uses get randomly blocked with no reason or log.
Search functions specific to logs are broken, either no results are found when searching for a specific ip, user etc.
unable to restore multiple emails from archive, interface does work - random errors thrown on second or third attempt to restore mails
random corruption on grp files
the performance is +- 200% slower on a good day
Mail migration doesnt work
buggy interface for domains list - searching for domains with specific key phrases doesnt work
Unrelated results in log search 
IDS Rules not being removed 
Buggy Archive Search 
Unable to set postmaster return address
adding a new user via api changes the logged in domain admin's session and you need to re-impersonate the user.

Rather upgrade to 16 if you feel the need.

As an ISP we work on the mail servers on a daily basis, trying to assist clients with delivery issues etc, and if this is similar to what you do then wait until MAPI has been released, and Smartertools have caught up with all the outstanding issues with Smartermail.

Right now the latest version offers one bonus, and that is 2FA - if you're willing to live with a mail server that makes a mail administrators life hell then upgrade to the latest.

Jade D Replied
Luk Replied
Jade D,
Thank you very much for the information
I will stay on v15 for now.

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