How do I copy the list of users from the browser window?
Question asked by Dan Lay - 11/15/2019 at 6:59 AM
I'm using Smatermail v14, a customer has asked me to send them a list of users.

I've tried copying the text from the user interface, this is blocked by javascript.
I tried using the export as CSV functions but it just exports a list of domains.

Does anyone know how this is done? 

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Alex Clarke Replied
Why not disable JavaScript and then try to copy... or just send them a screenshot?

There is a free third party tool that allows you to export a list of users and details (names, passwords, etc.) available, but I forget the name of it!
Alex Clarke Replied
Michael Smith Replied
Use the CSV feature.

you need select a domain click manage/impersonate go to users and now use the export to CSV feature.
Alex Clarke Replied
I presumed that wasn’t available in SM 14. So long since I’ve used that version. 
Dan Lay Replied
Thanks for your answers. I tried disabling javsacript but the grid requires javsacript to load.

The CSV feature doesn't help, it just returns a list of the domains.

We've not upgraded since 14 as we're due to migrate to something else.

Seems a bit backwards that they've developed it so you can't copy and paste from the user interface.

Alex Clarke Replied
Did you try TSMA? I've used it in the past with great success.
Sébastien Riccio Replied
Hi, I don't remember if version 14 has an API, but if yes, i guess you could retrieve all the data you need calling the API from a python script (or what ever language you prefer).

Edit: If you go to:
Do you have a result ? If yes you could use this with a script using soap client to get the data and export it how you want.

Edit2: After reading the code, that's basically what TSMA suggested by Alex is doing, so it could work.

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To follow up on Sebastien's answer above, you can find the relevant legacy API information for version 14 at this link:

Emily Ward Replied
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Hi Dan, 

To add to what everyone else has suggested, the option to exporty users from the user list as a domain admin was not available in 14.x.  However, you can look at a reports to get a list of users and export that to a .csv.  As the system administrator you can use the Disk Usage report in System Summary Reports > Traffic Reports.  Click on the domain and it should drill down to the users on that domain.  You should then be able to export the report to a .csv and get rid of any information the customer does not need.  

Another option is to take a screenshot of the list of users, use MicroSoft OneNote (or another similar product) to insert your image, you should then be able to copy the text from the image and past that in the same note.  Be cautous with this though, as the formatting can sometimes be a bit screwy and OneNote does not always see the text correctly (an l may be copied as 1, etc.).
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