Receiving Email takes over 60 Secs
Question asked by Raja Yugagularajah - 11/11/2019 at 1:43 PM
just setup my first test server and when sending emails to gmail/hotmail. 
I'm able to receive them in less than 10 seconds. 

When i send email to the domain on the server, it takes over 60 Secs to receive. 
I have disabled greylisting and it still takes this time. 
is there something that I need to set. 

Checked the logs, and the SPAM checking and results there is almost 60 seconds. 
Why does the spam check take that long. 


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Patrick Mattson Replied
What kind of times are you seeing on your Spam checks? I like to see mine less than ~200 ms. You may have a check that is taking a long time. Try disabling that.
Kyle Kerst Replied
Employee Post
Hello Raja, this sounds like it might be delays on DNS lookups. When spam checks are carried out we issue a variety of DNS requests to verify the identity of the sender, so if DNS delays are being seen this will increase the amount of time it requires to complete the spam checks. To test this can you please navigate to Settings>General and set your DNS servers to these temporarily, then retest?

Cloudflare DNS:
Google DNS:

Please let me know your results when you've had a chance to test this and we can go from there. Have a great day!
Kyle Kerst System/Network Administrator SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Raja Yugagularajah Replied
Hi Kyle, 
Thank you for the response. 
It's faster than before, but still takes over 10 seconds. 

09:44:46.391 [91026] Delivery started for rajaXXXX@gmail.com at 9:44:46 AM
09:44:49.391 [91026] Added to SpamCheckQueue (1 queued; 0/30 processing)
09:44:49.391 [91026] [SpamCheckQueue] Begin Processing.
09:44:49.453 [91026] Starting Spam Checks.
09:45:10.969 [91026] Spam check results: [REVERSE DNS LOOKUP: 0,Passed], [_SPF: 0,Pass], [_DKIM: 0,Pass], [BACKSCATTER: 0,passed], [CBL: 0,passed], [DNS REAL-TIME BLACKHOLE LIST: 0,passed], [HOSTKARMA - BLACKLIST: 0,passed], [HOSTKARMA - BROWNLIST: 0,passed], [MAILSPIKE L3: 0,passed], [MAILSPIKE L4: 0,passed], [MAILSPIKE L5: 0,passed], [MCAFEE: 0,passed], [SEM - BLACK: 0,passed], [SORBS - ABUSE: 0,passed], [SORBS - DYNAMIC IP: 0,passed], [SORBS - NO SERVER: 0,passed], [SORBS - NOMAIL: 0,passed], [SORBS - PROXY: 0,passed], [SORBS - RECENT: 5,failed], [SORBS - SOCKS: 0,passed], [SPAMCOP: 0,passed], [SPAMHAUS - CSS: 0,passed], [SPAMHAUS - PBL: 0,passed], [SPAMHAUS - SBL: 0,passed], [SPAMRATS: 0,passed], [SURRIEL: 0,passed], [TRUNCATE: 0,passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 1: 0,passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 2: 0,passed], [UCEPROTECT LEVEL 3: 0,passed], [SURBL: 0,passed], [SEM-URI: 0,passed], [URIBL BLACK: 0,passed], [URIBL GREY: 0,passed], [URIBL RED: 0,passed]
09:45:10.969 [91026] Spam Checks completed.
09:45:10.969 [91026] Removed from SpamCheckQueue (0 queued or processing)
09:45:13.422 [91026] Added to LocalDeliveryQueue (1 queued; 0/50 processing)
09:45:13.422 [91026] [LocalDeliveryQueue] Begin Processing.
09:45:13.422 [91026] Starting local delivery to raja@XXXXarketing.com
09:45:13.438 [91026] Skipping spam filtering: Trusted Sender (system level)
09:45:13.454 [91026] Delivery for rajaXXXX@gmail.com to raja@XXXXarketing.com has completed (Delivered) Filter: None
09:45:13.454 [91026] End delivery to raja@XXXXarketing.com (MessageID: )
09:45:13.454 [91026] Removed from LocalDeliveryQueue (0 queued or processing)
09:45:16.422 [91026] Removing Spool message: Killed: False, Failed: False, Finished: True
09:45:16.422 [91026] Delivery finished for rajaXXXX@gmail.com at 9:45:16 AM    [id:30391026]
Patrick Mattson Replied
Looking at your list my past experiences with slow incoming mail came from the URI and truncate. Try disabling those. I only use 1 spamhaus the zen.spamhaus.org with a * I use that for incoming blocking.

One good one to look at is Barracuda you may need to register your IP but its free.
I put a high score on and enable for spam checking and oncoming blocking.

Another thing to try is enabling greylisting if the spam score is above a certain level it is on the options page of anti spam. Its says Grey Weight Threshold. I set mine to 10 but it will depend on how many checks you do.

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