External Sync with 3rd party spam protection
Question asked by Richard Green - 10/13/2019 at 8:34 PM
Full disclosure, I am NOT a SmarterMail user yet.

I'm looking for a way to integrate SmarterMail with a 3rd party email security company.  I did some searching for synchronization with SmarterMail and lot of stuff comes up about Exchange but that is not what I want.

We want to use a 3rd party email security service.  When we create a new user in SmarterMail we want the 3rd party to be able to automatically pick up the new account (email address).

Currently they offer LDAP & bulk uploading via CSV.  Is there any tools in SmarterMail that a 3rd party can query to get a list of users?  Or an API or query, something that can be automated so we do not need to keep two copies of our users in sync.

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Yes, there is an API available in SmarterMail.  The documentation for it is available here:

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